Walter Senko Bio

Singer-songwriter Walter Senko is a little left of pop. Think Supertramp meets Owl City, a kind of dramatic indie vibe. Produced in separate sessions by Cone McCaslin from multi-platinum rock band Sum 41 and guitarist Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Tom Cochrane Justin Nozuka), his debut solo EP, From A Liar, is distributed by music journalist Karen Bliss’s label Daycare Records. It was mixed by Eric Ratz (Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Billy Talent, Sarah Slean).

The first single, “From A Liar To A Gem,” had producers fighting to produce it and some key industry ears calling it a smash. While a new version was attempted, the original demo had a certain charm and so it is that version that is on the EP.

“’From A Liar To A Gem’ was inspired by conversation Walter had with a girl he broke up with because he knew it ultimately wouldn’t work. “She asked me if I still had feelings. I lied and said, ‘No,’” the pianist and guitarist recalls. “So I had the title From A Liar, but who was it to? I didn't want to put her name so I thought about the ideal word to describe her — gem. Gems are precious and hard to find.”

Another song, the punchier anthem “We Are The Cure” was inspired by philanthropist Rob Dyer’s Skate4Cancer and his “dream love cure” motto. Since losing family members to the disease, Dyer has skateboarded across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Australia to help raise awareness among youth about cancer. "Oh we'll do it for the Love, well do it for the Dream, we'll do it all because we believe in bigger things,” Walter sings. The last words in the chorus are "We are the Cure.”


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The Danger Bees Bio

Toronto indie pop-rock band The Danger Bees, whose woe-is-me, I-suck, girls-suck lyrics, are endearing themselves to an audience sick of bravado and more in keeping with our unfounded anxieties, have titled their new album after a wonky cat drawing done by a 7-year-old boy named Wyatt. Produced by Luther Mallory, the 11-song album is the inaugural release on Daycare Records, co-founded by Mallory and music journalist Karen Bliss.

The story of Wyatt has received considerable coverage on CBC Television, radio and online, as well as on Halifax radio station Q104. The band's frontman David Macmichael and guitarist Ed Kramer finally met the two-legged Wyatt on a recent acoustic tour out East and played for the now 10-year-old at his school in Nackawick, New Brunswick.

The Danger Bees —— now solidified as David (lead vocals, piano), Ed (guitar), James MacNeil (drums), Josh Gillard (guitar) and a bass player TBA —— originally formed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in 2007, after David, surprise surprise, went through “the worst break up of my life,” he says. "“I moved back in with my parents and I spent every single night with a pint of whisky and my guitar.”"